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Trading 212 vs. IG

Are you looking for a stock broker? When choosing a stock broker, it’s imperative to select the reliable and reputable one. Given that, you may wonder which is the best service provider - Trading 212 or IG - as both are reputed and trustworthy. 

Are you looking for a stock broker? When choosing a stock broker, it’s imperative to select the reliable and reputable one. Given that, you may wonder which is the best service provider - Trading 212 or IG - as both are reputed and trustworthy. 

Understanding Trading 212 vs IG is crucial to determining the best platform for your investing career. After all, you must choose the one that assures your invested money’s utmost top-notch safety. 

With this IG vs Trading 212 comparative analysis, it becomes easier for you to decide which one’s the perfect choice for you. 

About Trading 212

Trading 212 is a widespread, experienced, and reputed CFD service provider regulated by the Cypriot CySEC, Bulgarian FSC, and UK FCA. This zero-commission platform enables you to invest in ETF trading and commission-free stocks and shares. 

This trading solution has made it easier for traders and investors to dive into the pools of lucrative opportunities. It is best suited for individuals who seek interest in CFD and equity trades. 

About IG

IG or IG Group is a well-established, reputed forex and CFD broker in the market. This platform is regulated by some of the prestigious authorities of the world, like the FCA, and is enlisted on the London Stock Exchange. 

With a wide range of investment options, it has become a go-to option for beginners to kick start their investment careers. However, traders of any experience can join and use this easy-to-navigate platform. 


Both IG and Trading 212 charge separate fees for forex, CFD and non-trading operations. Here are three tables representing the free structure of these two platforms for each purpose precisely. Also, there’s an additional table showing these two sites’ deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Fees For Forex Trading:

FeeIGTrading 212 
Standard Account Fee0 %0 %
ECN Account Average Spread (EUR)N/AN/A
STP/ECN Account FeeN/AN/A
Standard Account Average Spread0.6 pips2.3 pips

Fees For Non-Trading Operations: 

FeeIGTrading 212 
Deposit Fee0 %0.7%, provided you make deposit
of over 2000 EUR with credit/debit card
Withdrawal Fee0 %0 %
Account Fee0 %0 %
Inactivity Fee$18/month after 2 years of inactivity0 %

IG vs Trading 212: Banking Methods 

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsIGTrading 212 
Credit/Debit Card
Bank Transfer

What Can You Trade 

From forex and stocks to indices and bonds, there are plenty of assets offered by each platform for availing wider investment choices. Here is a table representing the available assets at these platforms: 

AssetIGTrading 212 
CryptocurrencyAvailable (CFD)Available (CFD)
Stock OptionsN/AN/A
Binary OptionsN/AN/A
MetalsAvailable (CFD)Available (CFD)
EnergyAvailable (CFD)Available (CFD)
Mutual FundsN/AN/A
Futures TradingN/AAvailable (CFD)


Try not to trade in a market that is not adequately regulated. This goes the same when investing your money on a share dealing or stock broker website. You must ensure that your money is in safe hands. Here is a table representing the licensing and regulations status of these platforms: 

RegulatorIGTrading 212 
FCA (Great Britain)AvailableAvailable
ASIC (Australia)N/AN/A
US RegulationAvailable (NFA, CFTC)N/A
CySec (Cyprus, Europe)N/AN/A
Other Regulating Authorities MAS (Singapore), BMA (Bermuda)FSC (Bulgaria)

Ease of Use

Both IG and Trading 212 are good in terms of ease of use and convenience. Their websites are designed with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick learning of features. 

The mobile-optimized version of these sites makes trading more accessible, portable, and manageable than ever. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always rely on these platforms for your ultimate trading experience. 

Other Features

Some other essential features of these platforms include:

  • Hedging: Both Trading 212 and IG offer you to invest in hedge funds.
  • Stop Loss: Both these platforms enable stop-loss features for your volatile investments. 
  • Limit Order: Both IG and Trading 212 let you buy stocks at the best price possible by placing limit orders.


When it comes to IG’s service, they have the edge over Trading 212 in terms of fees and features. However, it’s’ you who have to decide on the right platform as per your needs. Both ensure comprehensive access to markets and financial instruments. So, check which one meets all your requirements, and go for it. 

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