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Advanced Comparison for Financial Services 

We understand that choosing the right crypto exchange, digital bank, investment broker, or money transfer app for the first time can be challenging. Especially, if you need to compare the service providers on your own. This is why we launched our comparison service – we want to help you to find the best service providers that fit your needs and goals

Our comparison service uses one of the most advanced algorithms in the world. Just take a moment and answer a few guiding questions about costs, usability, and your investing habits. Your answers will help us to determine which service provider is best suited for your demands.

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How Do I Compare Services?

Here is a short step-by-step instruction on how you can compare different services on Sortter’s site.

  1. Go to your preferred comparison and provide answers to a few guiding questions by clicking the best options.
  2. We'll rearrange the results according to your answers.
  3. Take a look at the options and choose what suits you the best.
  4. Click the link to register and follow up on the service provider's instructions.
  5. Sit back and relax – you can now begin to use your new service.

Start comparing by selecting a category:

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Add your personal preferences

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Compare the services

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Select the service that cater your needs

Sortter – Sorting the Best Financial Deals for You

It's easy to compare different financial services, such as crypto exchanges, digital banks, money transfer apps, and investment brokers by using our comparison service. We'll sort the services for you according to your needs and help you to make the decision.

We’ll show you clearly all the essential information about the services such as fees, available products, offers for the new customers and other features.

The service that suits best your criteria is always placed at the beginning of the listing. You can quickly proceed to their website to register as a customer and start using their services after finding the best match.

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Why choose Sortter?

  • Best offer
    Sortter’s comparison service is always objective, transparent and made for you
  • Loyal customer
    Our comparison engine is trustworthy and it's used by thousands of customers all around the world
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    Always free of charge
  • Safe
    Your data is safe with us. We apply high privacy and security standards

More Information About the Comparison Service

Did you know that differences occur between service providers, such as crypto exchanges? For example, trading fees, depositing options, offers for the new customers, and other features can vary between crypto exchanges. 

Also, the range of cryptocurrencies may be limited to only the most common cryptos, whereas other exchanges may have a larger selection available. This may not be a crucial factor for beginners, but professional traders most likely appreciate broad choices.

All these features are included in Sortter’s comparison, which helps you save money, time, and nerves. You don’t have to register yet again to a new service that ends up revealing itself useless to your purposes.

Tailored for Your Needs

Our comparison is tailored to your needs. All you have to do is to choose a few criteria on the search menu and we’ll rearrange the results for you.

The listing, which shows all the service providers, changes according to your answers. The first option is most likely the best pick for you.

Comparison Saves Money

A few euros here and there may not seem like a big spend. However, the amount can grow imperceptibly and eventually result hundreds or thousands of euros wasted annually.

By comparing different services – on your own or using our free comparison service – you can save money. We have paid attention to the small print and done the hard work for you.

Easy to Use

You are only a few clicks away of finding a service, e.g. crypto exchange, which caters your needs.

Sortter’s comparison service is easy to use. We’ll provide you the important information which helps you to decide between different services.

The algorithm allows you to compare easily:

To find the best platform for your needs, all you have to do is go to the comparison page and answer a few simple questions. Our algorithm will then show you which platforms are best suited to your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sortter’s Comparison Service

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about our comparison service on our FAQ page.