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Trading 212 vs Trade Republic

When it comes to Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic, Trading 212 stands out to be the older and more experienced service provider. Both stock brokers are streamlined towards different target groups. Trading 212 caters explicitly to risk-taking investors interested in equities and CFDs. 

When it comes to Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic, Trading 212 stands out to be the older and more experienced service provider. Both stock brokers are streamlined towards different target groups. Trading 212 caters explicitly to risk-taking investors interested in equities and CFDs. 

However, Trade Republic focuses on savers interested in investing in ETFs, saving plans, stocks, etc. To determine the right platform for your specific investment needs, you must read this in-depth Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic comparison till the end. 

About Trading 212

Trading 212 is a renowned global stock and CFD broker. This platform enables you to invest and trade stocks and ETFs with no commission whatsoever. 

This is one of Europe’s most popular and reputed commission-free trading broker platforms. It is an excellent choice for beginners as they can use its web trading platform and user-friendly mobile app for quick learning and seamless usage. 

About Trade Republic

Founded in 2015, Trade Republic is a well-known German securities trading bank and broker that is adequately regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Federal Bank of Germany. 

Currently, the company operates in six different European countries - Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. If you want to start a savings plan or need a simple, intuitive platform to trade ETFs and stocks, go for the Trade Republic. 



Trading 212 ensures custody account management for free. The broker’s conditions “invest” include: 

FeesTrading 212
Minimum Deposit€ 1
Minimum Withdrawal € 10
Minimum Buying/Selling Order€ 1
Minimum Deposit via Bank Transfer€ 10
Currency Conversion Fees0.15%

A commission isn’t applicable. The conditions for the “CFD” offered by Trading 212 are: 

  • Currency Conversion Fees: 0.50%
  • Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €10

When trading CFDs, margin requirements become essential. The margin requirement for main currencies is -3.33% and for secondary currencies: -5%. For equities, this requirement is 20%. 


In the Trade Republic, you won’t find any order commission, and the depot management is free of cost. However, some fees include: 

  • Registration for the AGM (for shares): €25
  • External Costs: €1

These fee structures for both platforms show that the Trade Republic has a slight edge over Trading 212 in terms of cost and expenses. You can invest capital in trading operations almost undisturbed and won’t have to fear any sudden hidden fees. 

What Can You Trade 

Here is a Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic comparative table showing the available assets on both these platforms:

AssetTrading 212Trade Republic 
Real Stocks
Currency Pairs179 currency pairs1 currency pair
Bonds⚠️Over 500+ bonds
ETFs50 CFDs or 1,800 Real ETFs400 ETFs
ETF Savings Plan⚠️


The decision to choose a broker depends on their security aspects. If you’re going to pay capital into any broker’s account, you may want to know if the broker ensures optimal protection of your money or not. Thus, when it comes to Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic, it becomes crucial to understand their security standards. 

Trading 212 is a London-based stock broker licensed and regulated by the FCA. Moreover, the trading company comes with a Cyprus licensing division too. When it comes to the Trade Republic, there are some uncertainties as the company is Berlin-based and is regulated by BaFin. 

In the Trade Republic, you get protection for up to €100,000 of deposit, and the same goes for the Trade Republic. In comparison, Trading 212 ensures a higher level of protection than the other one. 

Ease of Use

The need and demand for mobile trading have significantly increased over the years. 

Now, everyone wants a platform that ensures optimal convenience in use. Trading 212 offers mobile trading with apps for quick, easy, and seamless navigation and usage.

Also, their website and mobile-optimized site design are user-friendly and helpful. On the other hand, the Trade Republic website is also good, but their mobile app version needs a bit of an upgrade. 

Other Features

There are no other popular features worth mentioning about these two platforms. However, Trading 212 brings many different investment opportunities like hedge funds and guarantees to stop losses to let you make the best and safe trade possible. 


From this Trading 212 vs. Trade Republic comparison review, you must’ve got an idea of both these trading platforms. If you want a comprehensive platform for overall trading transactions, use the Trade Republic. If you want to take risks and invest in CFDs and equities, go for Trading 212. 

Both these platforms are not ideal in terms of training and support. However, it’s up to you and your investing needs to determine the right choice for them. So, find the best trading platform for your specific needs by using our comparison tool. 

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